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Terms & Conditions Wilke Advocatuur

1. Company name
Wilke Advocatuur is the trade name of Edwin Wilke. The latter is registered as lawyer at the Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten, Neuhuyskade 94, 2596 XM Den Haag, tel 070-335 35 35,

2. Costs
For the performance of the instructions client is obliged to pay fee to Wilke Advocatuur increased with VAT. Furthermore eventual disbursements will be for account of client. Disbursements will be costs, like court fees, costs for bailiffs, translating fees, costs for extracts, travel fees and so on. 

3. To bring in third parties
Wilke Advocatuur will first contact the client before bringing in third parties. Wilke Advocatuur will conduct carefulness by bringing in third parties and can not be held responsible for damage resulting from mistakes made by those parties. 

4. Liability
De liability of Wilke Advocatuur is limited up to the amount as covered by the profession liability insurance, increased with the under the insurance applicable franchise. A copy of the policy will be handed over on first request. The Insurance Company is AON Risk Solutions at Amsterdam. If no payment will result from above mentioned insurance, every liability will be limited up to the amount as invoiced for fees by Wilke Advocatuur in the present case. 

The liability of Wilke Advocatuur will be lapsed if the client has not, within the period of one year after the day the client was aware or could have been aware with the event that has lead to the (possible) responsibility, brought suit against Wilke Advocatuur in a court of law.

5. Invoicing and payment terms
Wilke Advocatuur will invoice on monthly basis. The payment term will be payment within 30 days after date of invoice. Wilke Advocatuur will be authorized to demand for an advance payment at any time. 

6. Storage of files
Wilke Advocatuur will, after closing the case, store the files for five years.

7. Applicable lay and court
On this agreement Dutch Law will be applicable and the courthouse of Rotterdam will be competent.